You ARE Amazing!

Thank you!

For Touching a Life

You Impact 1 life,

Which impacts a family,

Which impacts a community,

Which impacts a city

Which impacts a state

Which impacts a country

Which impacts the world.

When you touch & change 1 life – you change the world!

Thank you for being a Caregiver and caring for your Loved One!

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6 thoughts on “You ARE Amazing!

  1. Hi Annie,

    One of the things we don’t quite realize when we are caregiving is just how many people are watching us, our love, and our commitment. I knew people in our church knew what was going on and many were praying for us which was a huge emotional and spiritual support at the time. Then when I was just hanging in the church office one day, the church administrator told me, “April you have no idea the impact of what you two are doing and how much people are watching you. It’s amazing.” You just go through life doing what you need to do. And a world is watching you.

    Happy Dating and Relationships,

    April Braswell
    Online Dating Workshops

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