Caregivers Alphabet – V

V – Value


Caregivers Value is worth more then precious stones!


When you see a work of art in a museum and there is no way the value of the piece is able to be calculated, it is beyond price. You are priceless. The opposite of priceless is worthless. Some people get the two confused.


Just think how much it would cost, for someone else to do all the things you do! If you were to put a $ value on it, it would be beyond price or priceless. Invaluable, Inestimable, Incalculable, Precious!


Care Giving 3 x 8 hour shifts = $100,000+


(just 1 year – how many years have you been a Caregiver?)


Counselling & Medical assistance+


Reassurance & Comfort, Hug’s & Unconditional Love+


Coaching & First Aid Officer+


Transport Organiser – Taxi +


Appointments Planning & Management+


Consulting – Admin Assistant Support Forms+


Just to name a few…


Your Caregiver Help is Priceless!


When you start calculating everything, you are phenomenal!


You are incredible! You are helping not just your Loved One!


You are helping the economy, the state, the country, the world & every person you come in contact with!


You are impacting the world!


Remember Your Value is Priceless!


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7 thoughts on “Caregivers Alphabet – V

  1. So true, Annie,

    I think people take for granted all that a Caregiver does – not to mention what they have to put up with. Caregivers provide an extraordinary service and, because of them, a loved one can rest/recoup comfortably … That is priceless!

    Stay Amazing and Do Extraordinary Things, Neil
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  2. There is no price on a caregiver. Why? Because one can never be named. They are priceless.

    Caregiving is undoubtedly one of the hardest professions out there.

    Great article Annie.

    Mark Hogan

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