Caregiving – Family in Crisis 101?

Everyone is touched some how! When a Loved One needs more assistance to complete day to day tasks, or simply need support to move forward in their lives. The whole family is touched. Whether it’s being a Caregiver through dealing with the situation at hand or being a Backup Caregiver for a Loved One or even avoiding the situation, through Delegation or Distance, each member of the family is touched some how. This is usually realised at a special occasion like a significant birthday or other family celebration. When members of the family can’t hide anymore. They are simply in … Continue reading Caregiving – Family in Crisis 101?

You ARE Amazing!

Thank you! For Touching a Life You Impact 1 life, Which impacts a family, Which impacts a community, Which impacts a city Which impacts a state Which impacts a country Which impacts the world. When you touch & change 1 life – you change the world! Thank you for being a Caregiver and caring for your Loved One!

Caregiver Job Description

Essential Job Functions -Various additional duties may be required when assisting a bedridden Loved One. Assist with walking and light exercise Plan and prepare meals, followed by clean-up Monitor food expiration dates, make future meals Make beds and change linens, as needed Light housekeeping to include dusting and vacuuming Assist with bathing, dressing and grooming Laundry and ironing Take out garbage Run errands (pickup prescriptions, dry cleaning) Engage in physical and mental exercises Provide medication reminders Escort on appointments (hair salon, physical therapy, etc.) Escort to religious services or events Maintain calendar and organize mail Engage in activities (games, memory … Continue reading Caregiver Job Description

It’s Time to Give Cinderella the Caregiver a…

As you know Cinderella, was so busy caring for her Loved One’s, from early in the morning to late in the evening, working to get everything just perfect. Cinderella was not valued for her contribution, she was not appreciated for all she did! Even though she looked after everything for everyone else – she cared for everyone else’s problems, all the time. Leaving little time for Cinderella to connect with her own life. Wait a minute… If we look a little closer Cinderella is sitting on her bed… She has just noticed a small box on the end of her bed, … Continue reading It’s Time to Give Cinderella the Caregiver a…

#3 Mistake Caregiver’s Make NOT Taking Care of Themselves

…It’s Easier to Distance Yourself from Family and Friends… Sometimes you are so focused on catching all the balls you miss the important safe people in your home and people who visit you! You’ve got to get the meals You’ve got to get the medication You’ve got to get the cleaning You’ve got the washing You’ve got to calm your Loved One You’ve got to bathe & dress your Loved One You’ve got to have a shower and get dressed to! You’ve got to take the prescriptions to the chemist before you run out! You’ve got to make sure your … Continue reading #3 Mistake Caregiver’s Make NOT Taking Care of Themselves