You ARE Amazing!

Thank you! For Touching a Life You Impact 1 life, Which impacts a family, Which impacts a community, Which impacts a city Which impacts a state Which impacts a country Which impacts the world. When you touch & change 1 life – you change the world! Thank you for being a Caregiver and caring for your Loved One!

Isn’t Every Caregiver a SuperHero?

When you asked my son when he was 6 years old what he wanted to be when he grew up – in a moment he would respond with joy & happiness – A SuperHero! The SuperHero goal continued until he was even 11 years old! No matter what anybody said his goal was to be a Superhero! I still remember a group of children with him, all his age being asked what they wanted to be when they grew up… This was in front of 150 other adults…parents, grandparents & friends and people we didn’t know. There were doctors, fireman, … Continue reading Isn’t Every Caregiver a SuperHero?

#2 Mistake Caregiver’s Make NOT Taking Care of Themselves!

It’s Easier to Not Care for Your Physical Health & Body! Current research is showing Caregivers are 208% more then likely to make poor health & body activities choices like   smoking, binge drinking, foods & limited activities which lead to overweight and obesity. Are you choosing, smoking to relax or avoid frustration or to feel better? Are you having a few drinks and then a couple more and it’s still not feeling right so you grab another drink, just to get some relief, some enjoyment to numb the pain? Are you choosing comfort foods or other poorer choices? To … Continue reading #2 Mistake Caregiver’s Make NOT Taking Care of Themselves!

#1 Mistake Caregiver’s Make NOT Taking Care of Themselves!

… It is Easier to Feel Off Balance Yes Off balance! As a Caregiver have you ever been asked to help your loved one… Take them to the doctor’s appointment? Remember the medications must be on time before food, with food or after food? Take them to the appointment for the _________________? (insert yours) Remember the appointment for the blood test? Oh yes, the other test which needs your Loved One to fast for 7 hours before, you need to remember to prepare for that? Always remember it’s important to never run out of this medication? Schedule the specialist appointment, … Continue reading #1 Mistake Caregiver’s Make NOT Taking Care of Themselves!