“Cinderella The Perfect Caregiver!”


My husband repeated it – Cinderella would be the Perfect Caregiver!

I was confused… How could anyone relate a children’s story to the work of a Caregiver?

Disappointed…Every fibre of my being wanted to question this statement!

I had a second thought…how?

How could Cinderella story relate to the work of a Caregiver today?

Mmm Interesting!

Just before we were watching a movie… one of the many remakes of the Cinderella story, this one was in song.

We had just been watching where Cinderella was doing everything for everyone…

She was sooo busy, looking after everyone else in the family she didn’t have time to care for her own needs or dreams?

Ohhh…(light bulb moment)  I started thinking…

Yes…that is so true!

Cinderella Would Be a Perfect Caregiver!

Cinderella was just the most extraordinary woman!

She does everything for  everyone else all day, just getting by a few moments a day to think about her own needs and dreams.

Cinderella is so busy caring for everyone else…

Cooking, cleaning, coming to everyone’s call- remember this or pass me that!

Cinderella just surviving everyday doing all she has to do!

Everyone is treating her less valuable then a human… everyone thinking what she did was insignificant… everyone she knew expressing her value as less important then any other work any other family member contributed!

Yet Cinderella is a woman of integrity, support, help & of love.

With no one to encourage or support Cinderella to shine and prepare for her own journey!

I was heart broken! Why couldn’t Cinderella have more people to help and support her, to encourage her on her daily journey?

Then I thought about Caregivers and how similar their story and Cinderella’s could be… Let’s look at that tomorrow!

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8 thoughts on ““Cinderella The Perfect Caregiver!”

  1. WOW … what a great insight … Cinderella was truly an amazing caregiver, and put up with what it seems most caregivers of today put up with … no thanks, being thought of as insignificant, etc …

    Stay Amazing and Do Great Things, Neil
    Key To Health

  2. Cinderella is a good proxy for a caregiver. There is one paragraph that I don’t agree with, though. When you talk about Cinderella being thought of as unimportant and less valuable as a human, this is certainly true of Cinderella but not a Caregiver. I don’t believe anyone looks at Caregivers in that way.

    Rich Life Coach

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