Cargivers Alphabet – I

I – Important

A Caregiver is Important!

Significant, Vital, Imperative, Central, Chief, Key, Main, Essential, Crucial, Valuable, Worthy, Eminent, Helpful, Constructive, Beneficial, Indispensable, Effective, Worthwhile, Worthy.

But I’m just Caregiver for my Loved One!

That is true!

You are the Whole World to Your Loved One!

And You impact the lives of each person you meet.

With essence of Important Bee You!

I can hear you say – What do you mean Important Bee You?

When a bee flies around the flowers, he could think what he is doing is not important?

Yet it is vital in the survival of the cross pollination of each flower! So what he does is not only makes honey but helps the flowers too. Thank you bees!

Interestingly – Also aerodynamically a bumblebee isn’t supposed to fly, but he doesn’t know that!

So he does what he does best!

So it’s to not fake it or be anybody else it’s Important Bee himself!

Important Bee You! Important Do What You do best!

Only You are an Original! All others are imposters!

Important Bee Authentic You!

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6 thoughts on “Cargivers Alphabet – I

  1. Annie,

    This is a great analogy. I like how you have compared the bee’s “mindset” to that of a Caregiver. Both doing extremely important tasks – and neither thinking much of what they are truly contributing. Beautifully Done!

    Stay Amazing and Do Great Things, Neil
    Too Much Probiotic

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