Caregiving – Family in Crisis 101?

Everyone is touched some how!

When a Loved One needs more assistance to complete day to day tasks, or simply need support to move forward in their lives. The whole family is touched.

Whether it’s being a Caregiver through dealing with the situation at hand or being a Backup Caregiver for a Loved One or even avoiding the situation, through Delegation or Distance, each member of the family is touched some how.

This is usually realised at a special occasion like a significant birthday or other family celebration. When members of the family can’t hide anymore. They are simply in their element of change!

Naturally the Caregiver or primary caregiver is the person dealing with the day to day activities of the Loved One. Often dealing with choices that can impact the future of the Loved One and the Caregiver.  Simply by choosing to be a Caregiver, unless good quality choices are made for the Loved One and the Caregiver. Both can be impacted immediately and in the long term future health. Being an Informal Caregiver, usually means it’s a gift of unconditional love to your Loved One. If you are like 93% of Informal Caregivers, you are not being paid, nor do you expect to be paid, this is your gift. You will even be providing additional funds $250 or more to care for your Loved One per month.

Backup Caregiver – being in the middle of helping all the time or simply helping when asked to help, because you are needed. The Backup Caregiver, is there to support the Caregiver, when they have “had enough” and/or  just need a power break or a power holiday. This person is often related to the Love One or simply a good friend. The Backup Caregiver needs to remember to care for the Loved One and the Caregiver and the Backup Caregiver, Yes, him/herself. Caregiving is often a long story, change happens so fast, keeping up with that change is what is important.

Delegation Caregiver– So what is Delegation Caregiving, One family member sending in another family member e.g. their husband, wife or partner to help, the Loved One as an additional double backup for the Loved One and the Caregiver. Change happens.   This Caregiver also needs to care for the Loved One, the Caregiver, the Backup Caregiver and it’s easier to help then argue.

Distance Caregiver -not being able to help when asked either through busyness or unavailability or through distance in living. This is not an easy time, because you often hear little bits of challenges.  You hear, updates, challenges, changes. Yet often you miss the face to face contact with your Loved One. To tell what is really happening.  I know it may be hard for you to see your Loved One. Remember to consider some different perspective.

Each person is touched. Each person is hurting and dealing with pain and loss in their own way; Each person needs to understand the opportunities of the change for their Loved One and for themselves to somehow connect with their Loved One! Create special memories Now!

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6 thoughts on “Caregiving – Family in Crisis 101?

  1. I lost both my Mom and my Dad after prolonged illnesses. I live in another state and my sister was the primary caregiver.

    Even though I wasn’t there to provide first hand support, that in no way implied that I wasn’t feeling the pain and hurting all the same. In some ways probably more so since I could not be there to help care for them.

    Wealth Coach

  2. Hi Annie ~

    This post hits close to home. I have assumed every role – and am currently in the distance caregiver role. I think it is important, as you pointed out, that the primary caregiver has a backup caregiver, who also needs to remember to take care of themselves as well as the loved one and the primary caregiver.

    Stay Amazing and Do Great Things, Neil
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