Caregivers Alphabet – U


U- Understand


A Caregiver Does Understand…


The critical connection between Your Loved One and the rest of the world.


You are their lifeline!


You often understand what Your Loved One needs even before they do.


You are aware of a need even before your Loved One.


Or you know what they feel like.


Their favourites! Whether it’s colours, food flavours, cool drinks, clothes style, warm drinks.


You do what it takes to value your Loved One’s personal needs!


Even sometimes people will ask you if you can read your Loved One’s mind. When you know what they love!


Do you understand the next level of what your needs are?


Sometimes it is so easy to be focused on yes, even your Loved One. You loose who you are in the process of caring for someone else.


You think you are co-existing when you are not understanding and valuing yourself.


So, you are sub-existing – some how you became less important in the relationship, because of illness or whatever reason.


To understand You is a Lifetime Journey. Begin today…


Learn how You are an Amazing Discovery!


Think about how often you take You for granted!


How can you Understand and Value You Today!


Just think of one thing your favourite …! Then do it! – Just for You!


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7 thoughts on “Caregivers Alphabet – U

  1. Annie,

    What a great observation … “sub-exisiting rather than co-existing”. Thanks to you, I think that is going to resonate with A LOT of caregivers and open their eyes to make sure they are part of the relationship and not just a “servant”.

    Stay Amazing and Do Extraordinary Things, Neil

  2. Hi Annie,

    Oh my, dear lady, indeed you have (and perhaps still ARE) been a real Caregiver to a loved one! This post about how care givers UNDERSTAND, the line about reading the mind of your loved one, really took me back to the last few months of my late husband’s life when the cancer had metatisized (Sign you are a caregiver, New Words! even if I can’t spell them right! lol) to his brain and he was having Grand Mal Seizures (aNOTHER New Word!). Each of the GM Seizures, after it, his brain functionality diminished. It reduced his ability to speak in long sentences or even to speak the equivalent of a paragraph to express a thought or a need. Increasingly he spoke in short sentences. Because I was his wife, I would try to guess what he was trying to say or what he was asking for. Sometimes I got it right. Sometimes I got it wrong. We’re all still human, right? lol. Well it helped me to see and do with him what was essential, most essential.

    Taking care of his physical needs. Food. Feeding. Adult Diapers.
    Taking care of his emotional needs. Daily telling him I love him. Bringing other family members to him. When he fretted, soothing and reassuring him.
    Taking care of his spiritual needs. For us, we’re Christian, so I would read short uplifting things to him from Psalms. Nothing complex. Nice reminders. And reminders to him of where he was headed.

    Hmm, this comment is getting quite long. I may need to write a guest post at some point. I’ll email you to discuss some topic possibilities and what you would like from this American lady.

    Will you be adding a FORUM for caregivers any time soon to your wonder website for Care Givvers?

    Happy Dating and Relationships,

    April Braswell
    How Can I Find Successful Singles to Date

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