Caregivers Alphabet – T

T – Thanks

A Caregiver doesn’t usually hear this word or any word like it.

So here goes – after each word or phrase, close your eyes and breath deep – take it in:-


Thank you!

Really appreciate You!

From the bottom of my heart, Thankyou so much!

I Value Your Time!

You make it happen!

Thanks for taking care of me!

You deserve all the credit!

I just want to express my gratitude!

I appreciate your commitment!

I am so grateful for You!

You Rock!

 Thank You! I can count on you!

I am indebted to you forever!

I am so grateful!

I am so thankful!

I am eternally grateful!

– For all You Are, Do and Be – Thanks!

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9 thoughts on “Caregivers Alphabet – T

  1. Annie,

    It is so true, caregivers seem to be so under-appreciated and yet they keep giving and giving and giving. Thank You are such powerful words that can lift someone up and keep them moving forward …. just a little recognition goes a long way. Thank YOU for the reminder!

    Stay Amazing and Do Extraordinary Things, Neil
    Intestinal Flora – Friendly Bacteria

  2. Hi Annie,

    Oh yes! “Thank you,” are two of the most beautiful words in the world. And then for goodness sake, don’t follow it by uttering, “No problem” or the equivalent which just reduces the value of what you to nothing (nada, rien, nil, zilch). I do realize that the phrases are often different country and culture idioms. However, strive to find a phrase like “You’re welcome” to use. “You’re welcome,” preserves the value of you, the dignity of what you did, and the value of someone telling you, “Thank you.”

    Happy Dating and Relationships,

    April Braswell
    Love Laws: Being Kind Is Relationship Attractive

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