Caregivers Alphabet – Q

Q- Quality

A Caregivers Quality is in the gifts the Caregiver brings!

From an Outsiders perspective – kinda looks like love.

Unfortunately some people are not valuing their Loved One. In the process are not valuing themselves.

(If your reading this, then You have chosen to give the Best Care for Your Loved One is a Priority were not talking about You)

So today let look at the Care for the Caregivers Oath?

First let’s look at the meaning of a Oath…

A oath is something we promise. It’s an pledge we live by.

A vow we commit to our Loved One and Ourselves.

A Promise or a Guarantee!

Something You Believe In and willing to live by!

When You Commit to the Caregiver’s Oath, Your committing to giving the best possible Care a Caregiver Can Give for your Loved One and for You!

Let’s Look at the first 3 Points of a Quality Care for the Caregiver’s Oath!

Care for the Caregiver’s Oath

  • ·       I am a member of my & my Loved One’s Caregiver Team.
  • ·       I protect the dignity of myself and my Loved One.
  • ·       Me & my Loved One depend on me and trusts me to provide compassionate and proficient care always. I am my & my Loved One’s critical connection to the world.

For more of the Caregiver’s Oath come back to www.careforthecaregivernow.comand sign up for Care for the Caregivers Chat

Thanks for being willing to commit to Quality & Care for the Caregiver’s Oath.

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