Caregivers Alphabet – P

P – Proven

A Caregiver is…Proven!

I can hear you say -What do you mean Proven?

You are usually established, in the care of your Loved One.

You are Trusted. Your word is proven in their mind.

You have demonstrated your love to a Loved One enough times.

You have a track record of being relied on, dependable.

Your Loved One has confidence in you.

Faith in you, believe in you, they know they can count on you!

They expect you will only do the best thing for them. You word is proven in their mind, trustworthy!

Have you proven to yourself, you are trustworthy to your needs?

Remember when you Care for You – You are Caring for the Whole World. I can hear you say – What a minute – That doesn’t make sense.

How does caring for me – Care for the whole world?

Ancient Scriptures says, Love thy neighbour as thyself.

Notice it doesn’t say, love thy neighbour better or more then yourself.

It says, love your neighbour as yourself…

when you have proven,

to yourself how much you care and value you.

It is then easy to care for someone else.

When your hurting, neglecting or ignoring your needs –

You are not the only one affected you are also hurting, neglecting or ignoring your neighbour needs. (even the very one you are caring for – your Loved One’s needs). It may be at a subconscious level so you don’t even realise your doing it!

How can you demonstrate and prove Your commitment to You today?

Just do One thing? Then after you have done it analyse how did it make you feel?

Better – put it on your enjoyed list and when you get a spare minute try it again!

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