Caregivers Alphabet – N

N – Now

A Caregiver looks at the Now!

Yes, sure does, because now is the only moment you have.

A lot of people are so busy planning and preparing for the future they forget about the Now!

They are so busy thinking about what might happen, they forget about what is.

Don’t get me wrong I believe in thinking about the future and planning and preparing like the next person.

But if that gets me so busy…

Like Oh I must plan for my next holiday or my next lunch break.

You are missing the most important time.

The only time you can really do anything about.

Being in the present means being here Now!

Or not worrying about the past.

What might have happened or What If?

Your Dream’ng

Value Your Now! –

It is the only time you have – you can really do anything about!

Be in the Now! There are few times as special as enjoying the Now!

Take a deep breath and just be for a moment!

Your Now is today! What are you choosing to do Now!

You are amazing!

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7 thoughts on “Caregivers Alphabet – N

  1. Hi Annie,
    This is SO TRUE. We get so busy planning the future or ‘what if’ scenarios that we forget that in this moment lies the most precious gift. I know you are writing this for Caregivers, but these posts extend far past that and into areas where each and everyone of us can gain from the wisdom you are sharing. Thank You!

    Stay Amazing and Do Great Things, Neil
    Yeast In Dogs Ear

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