Caregivers Alphabet – J

J- Jewel

A Caregiver is a Jewel!

A Jewel is a gem, gemstone or a precious stone!

When you do what you do, you inspire me!

A Caregiver, takes time out of their lives to help another person.

If that isn’t the ultimate example in the Ancient Scriptures I don’t know what is.

Story goes like this… a man is going to another city, gets robbed, is left to die…

The 1st guy walks past – too busy,

The 2nd guy walks past, he has too much to do when he gets to where he is going.

The 3rd guy who is also busy, see’s the almost dead guy who was robbed, grabs his donkey, even though he realises his forefathers and the robbed guys’ forefathers were enemies he still gives the injured robbed guy some water and wraps his wounds with bandages, and takes him to an Inn.

He is still busy and he gives money to the Owner of the Inn to take care of the guy who was robbed and promises to pay him for anything else on his next journey – then he does something interesting -continues on his journey.

Couple of interesting things here…

The guy with the donkey, could have decided to stay walking on the other side of the road if he let tradition get in the way and instead he took the opportunity,  some would have said a challenge or a problem to help a fellow traveller!

Often times we are sandwiched between caregivers and working a day job. Often times as well and we can feel guilty for having to do both. Yet even in Ancient Scripture time, Help was sought after, a breathing space was needed and respite was taken.

It’s Ok! To have a break, It’s ok to take a pause sometimes. It’s ok to take a holiday. It’s ok to continue your business. You the Caregiver need time out too!

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8 thoughts on “Caregivers Alphabet – J

  1. Annie,

    When you said that a caregiver is a jewel, a gem … I got the picture of rocks that tumble around in a container and come out smooth and shiny.

    Stay Amazing and Do Great Things, Neil

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