Caregivers Alphabet – F

F – Fun

A Caregiver is Fun or is open to discover Fun Again!

F- Family & Friends!


N- New!

Fun includes family & friends, it’s urgent & it’s new or old with a new spin!

So what could you do that is fun?

What you haven’t done anything that’s fun for years!

Well it’s OVERDUE!

Something that is

  • ·       Enjoyable
  • ·       Exciting
  • ·       Pleasurable
  • ·       Entertaining
  • ·       Amusing
  • ·       Cool

Are you open to discover fun again?

Now is the time to connect with the right side of your brain.

The Old Fashioned way was to Create a scrapbook of all the things in a magazine you would like to do.

Now a days – You create a document and post pictures of things and places you like to discover!

Be adventurous! It’s ok to Dream! Have Fun! Then plan a time to have some fun! Just a little or it could get addictive!

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9 thoughts on “Caregivers Alphabet – F

  1. Annie ~

    This is a great reminder that Caregivers need to take some time for fun! So many times when we think of a caregiver – and they think of themselves – it is all about the “serious nature of the work at hand.” We must always take a little time to add some fun into our lives 🙂

    Stay Amazing and Do Great Things, Neil
    A Voice for Animals

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