Caregivers Alphabet – E

E – Easy

A Caregiver can do things Easy!

Have you ever learned how to play sport?

“There is a hard way and an easy way?

Something I never knew till recently?

A Caregiver can learn how to do things the Easy way vs the hard way.

For a profession sports person, you learn how to relax in the moment and be present in the now – it is almost as if time stands still!

There are times a Loved One may not be able to cope with a situation.

Take the Easy Way by staying relaxed and present in the now is the most important thing, you can do for yourself and for your Loved One – see if time almost stands still. 

And move Your Loved One to a place of safety and security.

There may be embarrassing times, embrace the embarrassment!

Remember – This too will pass.

Consider making plans.

Plan A Plan B Plan C Plan D Home –

If Plan A doesn’t work go to Plan B – If Plan C fails go to Plan D

 If Plan D doesn’t work, it’s time to go home.

Know your limits, plan your options, some days will be diamonds and some will just not work out whatever you do, that’s ok, enjoy the journey!

Relax and be present in the now – be Easy!

When you can be easily centred in the eye of a storm, you can relax anywhere you are!

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