Caregivers Alphabet – D

D – Discover

A Caregiver is open to Discover!

These are just some of the things a Caregiver is open to Discover:-

  • ·       The Truth.
  • ·       Find Out Real Reason.
  • ·       Learn the Latest Information.
  • ·       Determine the Best Course of Action.
  • ·       See Behind the Smoke and Mirrors.
  • ·       Notice when it’s enough.
  • ·       Realize when it’s time to get some help!

A Caregiver has a deep understanding in the gut of whether you have the truth or not? Keep searching until you know the Truth!

A Caregiver often needs to find out the real reason or real answers.

A Caregiver will often search out and learn the latest information.

A Caregiver will often need to determine the best course of Action for their Loved One and Themselves and other family members.

A Caregiver will often need to notice when it’s enough busyness for the day for the Loved One and it’s time to go home. Remember this goes both ways. When it’s enough for you too!

A Caregiver will often need to realize when it’s time to get some help!

And You will Need to Fight for the Help for your Loved One. You also need to create a Lifeline of people surrounding you to support and help you.

In your Journey of Care for Your Loved One and for You!

Discover what is important for you and what is non-negotiable!

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