Caregivers Alphabet – W

W- Wise

A Caregiver who learns how to be wise is wonderful!

How do you learn to be wise?

Ancient Scriptures says a wise person stores up knowledge.

Just you being open to discover new things means you are wise!

All medical knowledge is based on this particular concept.

That is the reason they write the latest studies in the medical journals.

To help doctors in other parts of the world – help more people – facing that same challenge!

I don’t know if you have read, the book Gifted Hands written by Ben Carson – Brain Surgeon who split the twins. – , he spoke about studying how other doctors surgery worked to improve his preparation for his latest cases.

So let’s take a closer look at being a wise person.

A wise person is able to make a sensible decision based on personal knowledge and experience.

Often you will be asked to make these decisions even on the fly! With no support from anyone else.

Perhaps you are at the Specialist with your Loved One, You are asked to make a snap decision on what is best for your Loved One.Given all the information you consider the best option for your Loved One.

This is the most important component of being wise.

Now don’t replay video tapes of options and better decisions. Do not second guess yourself! Accept you have made the right decision in that moment.

You are a clever, intelligent, sensible, Wise Caregiver!

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