Caregiving – Family in Crisis 101?

Everyone is touched some how!

When a Loved One needs more assistance to complete day to day tasks, or simply need support to move forward in their lives. The whole family is touched.

Whether it’s being a Caregiver through dealing with the situation at hand or being a Backup Caregiver for a Loved One or even avoiding the situation, through Delegation or Distance, each member of the family is touched some how.

This is usually realised at a special occasion like a significant birthday or other family celebration. When members of the family can’t hide anymore. They are simply in their element of change!

Naturally the Caregiver or primary caregiver is the person dealing with the day to day activities of the Loved One. Often dealing with choices that can impact the future of the Loved One and the Caregiver.  Simply by choosing to be a Caregiver, unless good quality choices are made for the Loved One and the Caregiver. Both can be impacted immediately and in the long term future health. Being an Informal Caregiver, usually means it’s a gift of unconditional love to your Loved One. If you are like 93% of Informal Caregivers, you are not being paid, nor do you expect to be paid, this is your gift. You will even be providing additional funds $250 or more to care for your Loved One per month.

Backup Caregiver – being in the middle of helping all the time or simply helping when asked to help, because you are needed. The Backup Caregiver, is there to support the Caregiver, when they have “had enough” and/or  just need a power break or a power holiday. This person is often related to the Love One or simply a good friend. The Backup Caregiver needs to remember to care for the Loved One and the Caregiver and the Backup Caregiver, Yes, him/herself. Caregiving is often a long story, change happens so fast, keeping up with that change is what is important.

Delegation Caregiver– So what is Delegation Caregiving, One family member sending in another family member e.g. their husband, wife or partner to help, the Loved One as an additional double backup for the Loved One and the Caregiver. Change happens.   This Caregiver also needs to care for the Loved One, the Caregiver, the Backup Caregiver and it’s easier to help then argue.

Distance Caregiver -not being able to help when asked either through busyness or unavailability or through distance in living. This is not an easy time, because you often hear little bits of challenges.  You hear, updates, challenges, changes. Yet often you miss the face to face contact with your Loved One. To tell what is really happening.  I know it may be hard for you to see your Loved One. Remember to consider some different perspective.

Each person is touched. Each person is hurting and dealing with pain and loss in their own way; Each person needs to understand the opportunities of the change for their Loved One and for themselves to somehow connect with their Loved One! Create special memories Now!

You ARE Amazing!

Thank you!

For Touching a Life

You Impact 1 life,

Which impacts a family,

Which impacts a community,

Which impacts a city

Which impacts a state

Which impacts a country

Which impacts the world.

When you touch & change 1 life – you change the world!

Thank you for being a Caregiver and caring for your Loved One!

Caregiver Job Description

Essential Job Functions -Various additional duties may be required when assisting a bedridden Loved One.

  • Assist with walking and light exercise
  • Plan and prepare meals, followed by clean-up
  • Monitor food expiration dates, make future meals
  • Make beds and change linens, as needed
  • Light housekeeping to include dusting and vacuuming
  • Assist with bathing, dressing and grooming
  • Laundry and ironing
  • Take out garbage
  • Run errands (pickup prescriptions, dry cleaning)
  • Engage in physical and mental exercises
  • Provide medication reminders
  • Escort on appointments (hair salon, physical therapy, etc.)
  • Escort to religious services or events
  • Maintain calendar and organize mail
  • Engage in activities (games, memory books)
  • Companionship

Duties of a Caregiver (which we often learn on the fly…)

Learn the basic scope of a caregiver’s job including how to preserve your Loved Ones’ safety and integrity, help with mobility and independence, and how to work within the rules and regulations that govern your job.

Communicating with Others (you are probably a translator already for your Loved One)

This will help you understand how to communicate with impaired Loved Ones, Loved Ones with Alzheimer’s or memory loss, agitated Loved Ones and others.

Observation, Reporting and Recording (when we care we naturally watch)

As a caregiver your skills of observation, reporting and recording are vital to helping the rest of the care team provide the best care possible to your Loved One. Sharpen those skills.

Providing Personal Care (So many areas to help)

Learn to capably assist a Loved One with personal care tasks like bathing, dressing and grooming, as well as oral care, foot care and even how to give a Loved One a gentle massage.

Promoting and Maintaining Good Mobility (Important)

Helping Loved Ones with mobility includes learning skills to safely assist with transferring, walking, range of motion and more. The goal is to keep your Loved Ones moving, while keeping them – and you – safe.

Elimination and Toileting (Vital)

This will help the caregiver understand the entire digestive process and know what to watch for in Love Ones to ensure good bowel and bladder function, as well as good toileting and incontinence care.

Infection Control (healthy as possible)

Good infection control starts with proper hand washing, but continues through many steps the caregiver can take. Understanding this topic will help you keep your Loved One – and yourself and others – as healthy as possible.

Environmental Hazards and Safety (safety is important)

You will learn how to help create a safe, comforting environment, and how to keep it free from hazards. Creating and maintaining a safe environment is important for both you and your loved ones.

Basic First Aid (changes regularly)

You will learn basic first aid including, burns and poisons, heat attack and shock, chocking and falls, stoke and wounds, and other sudden emergencies.

  • Burns and Poisons
  • Heart Attack and Shock
  • Choking and Falls
  • Stroke and Wounds
  • Other Sudden Emergencies

Understanding Abuse (avoiding any possible hurt)

Abuse is more than just physical. It can also be emotional, financial and sexual. Learn how to recognize and report all types of abuse and neglect, as well as how to protect yourself so that you never abuse a loved one in your care.

When your caring for your Loved One… sometimes there is a little more to learn.
You need to be a Superhero Just to be a Caregiver!

Isn’t Every Caregiver a SuperHero?

When you asked my son when he was 6 years old what he wanted to be when he grew up – in a moment he would respond with joy & happiness – A SuperHero!

The SuperHero goal continued until he was even 11 years old!

No matter what anybody said his goal was to be a Superhero!

I still remember a group of children with him, all his age being asked what they wanted to be when they grew up…

This was in front of 150 other adults…parents, grandparents & friends and people we didn’t know.

There were doctors, fireman, nurses, teachers, ambulance officers, police officers, mothers & last but not least… SuperHero!

Well as you can imagine…

After this many years… I am trying to think of other occupations for my son to connect with… because obviously he connected with something which wasn’t real! (so I thought in my mind).

When ever I saw a new occupation, I would show it to my son.

Till one day in frustration, I was trying to help him see some (adult) reality I said “being a SuperHero doesn’t pay much.”

He said “he didn’t mind! – All I want to do was help people! – Mum”

I have tears in my eyes now, as I write this…

Oh to see through the eyes of my son more often…

In being a SuperHero! – All He really wanted to do was Help People!

Got me thinking…

Every Caregiver is a SuperHero – giving of their heart to enrich the lives of another.

You are a SuperHero!

It’s time to celebrate being a Superhero!

Just for Fun!

Grab a towel and pin, tie or hold it around your neck like a cape and be the Superhero You Are!

Pretend to have a Big S on your T-Shirt for Superman or a bat on your cape for Batman… and

Save the Day!

Save the World!

Be a Superhero Today!

Help someone today! 

This post was inspired by Michael D Walker who wrote this comment in response to Give Cinderella the Caregiver a –

Most men don’t have tiaras so could they use a towel and pretend it’s their Superman or Batman cape?

 Remember to grab your towel cape and be a Caregiver Superhero!

I appreciate your thoughts and comments!

It’s Time to Give Cinderella the Caregiver a…

As you know Cinderella, was so busy caring for her Loved One’s, from early in the morning to late in the evening, working to get everything just perfect.

Cinderella was not valued for her contribution, she was not appreciated for all she did!

Even though she looked after everything for everyone else – she cared for everyone else’s problems, all the time.

Leaving little time for Cinderella to connect with her own life.

Wait a minute…

If we look a little closer Cinderella is sitting on her bed…

She has just noticed a small box on the end of her bed,

It is beautifully boxed…

She is almost afraid to open it,

The excitement overtakes the fear…

And she gently lifts the corner of the box just to see in…

All she can see is a note…

And pink patterned tissue paper…

The note is written by hand…

“Remember to embrace your fun sides as well”

Love Your Fairy Godmother xxx

The pink patterned tissue paper has a sticker to seal the gift… in gold with the letters in silver VIP. (short for Very Important Person)

She lifted the sticker and opened the last piece of tissue paper and there she found a beautiful shiny Tiara with beautiful jewels.

Cinderella lifted the Tiara out of the box and threw it instantly on her head.

She felt like a beautiful princess – being magically taken into a place where she could smile and laugh and giggle again and then she pretended to dance the tango finishing in circles spinning around with her beautiful Tiara…

Cinderella kept spinning till she landed joyfully on her bed…

Where she spied the note … she picked it up…

“Remember to embrace your fun sides as well”

She looked in the mirror with her Tiara on she hadn’t had so much fun in…

Well, she couldn’t remember how long…

She took the Tiara off her head realising it was silver colored plastic and put it carefuly back in the box…

Then Cinderella stashed it in a secret place for when ever she needed the magic of the beautiful VIP Tiara all she needed to do was place it on her head – just for fun!

She knew she would never be the same…

Everything went back to normal – almost – only she knew a new sparkle of fun in her eye.

 Now It’s time to Throw your own Tiara on and Do the Tango so you can have the magic of fun too!

 This post was inspired by April Braswell who commented on yesterdays post Cinderella the Perfect Caregiver… Who suggested this important addition.

“Just add a tiara for caregivers to embrace their fun sides as well!”

Thank you April!

Remember Throw your VIP Tiara on and Do the Tango Today!