#1 Mistake Caregiver’s Make NOT Taking Care of Themselves!

… It is Easier to Feel Off Balance

Yes Off balance!

As a Caregiver have you ever been asked to help your loved one…

Take them to the doctor’s appointment?

Remember the medications must be on time before food, with food or after food?

Take them to the appointment for the _________________? (insert yours)

Remember the appointment for the blood test?

Oh yes, the other test which needs your Loved One to fast for 7 hours before, you need to remember to prepare for that?

Always remember it’s important to never run out of this medication?

Schedule the specialist appointment, in 3 weeks time?

Oh yes, did I mention, the other 5 tests?

Remember the… ___________________(insert your request)

Ever heard the saying, the straw that broke the camels back?

First it’s one more thing thrown in your direction so you start juggling, then 2 things your juggling, then another and another, and another, and pretty soon, your are comfortable juggling all 6 different things!

Then there is another ball thrown at you!

Do you need to catch it?

I know you have caught ever other ball thrown in your direction!

You are coping very well!

Do you need to catch every ball thrown your way?

Or can you let it drop?

What would happen if you let it drop?

Would you fail?

Would you fail if you dropped a ball?

Would you stop juggling the other balls?

Would it be too much? Interesting isn’t it?

What else could you do?

Can you throw one of the balls to avoid overwhelm and dropping all the balls?

Can you throw a ball to someone else?

Can you ask someone else to help?

Can you throw a ball via phone to a friend?

Can you pick up the phone and say, I just need to vent?

You don’t have to fix it, I just need to talk this through, will, you just listen, please!

Sometimes it’s just a listening ear and being able to speak, what’s on your mind, which then makes life seem so much easier and it can be clearer, which way you want to go to move forward from here.

Only you know your point of balance… only you know how many balls you can juggle at once? Remember with so many things to do it’s easy to feel off balance.


Critical Action Step #1

Write a list of all the balls your currently juggling?

What can you do today to share the balls?

Who can you delegate balls to?

What balls do you not want to catch anymore?

What balls are you ok with letting drop to the floor?

Who can you ask for help today?


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8 thoughts on “#1 Mistake Caregiver’s Make NOT Taking Care of Themselves!

  1. Annie ~

    What a great point you brought up … sometimes, one just needs to vent. They don’t need a “solution” to the problem, they just need to talk out loud. Sometimes the greatest gift we can give someone is an ear … nothing else …. just listen.

    Stay Amazing and Do Great Things, Neil
    Health of a Nation

  2. There is a saying in flying, no matter what emergency is occurring, first fly the plane. Seems to be appropriate advice here as well.

    With all the balls being juggled and few more being hurled at you, the most important thing is to take care of YOU!

    Make that list and ask for help. If you don’t ask, no one will offer.

    Rich Life Coach

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